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WebPower Affiliates

Make 30% lifetime recurring commissions for every referral you sign up to WebPower.

90 Day Cookies

Get the sign up bonus for everyone who clicks on your referral link for up to 90 days.

Lifetime Comissions

Receive a monthly passive income for the entire time the customer stays with WebPower.

High Converting

We offer high converting products that are easy to sell. Track all your sales from your Affiliate Account.

Make More Money with WebPower Affiliates

Skyrocket your earning potential with our generous customer lifetime commission ensuring you continue to get paid every month, even if you choose to stop promoting us.

Expert Features to Track your Progress

Track every link click, conversion rates, sign ups and more from directly in your affiliate dashboard. Along with earnings reports, requesting payouts & affiliate support.

Products your Customers are going to Love

We have created products that our customers love, which means yours will too. Now you can feel confident in the offer you are promoting to your audience resulting in more sales.


Let's Succeed Together

We understand that when you are successful, we are successful. It’s that simple. Let’s work together to grow our revenue while providing our customers the best product and service on the web.

Affiliate FAQs

What is WebPower Affiliates?

This is a program where we pay you a commission in return for you promoting out products and services. 

How much will I get paid?

You will be paid a 30% recurring commission each month for the lifetime of every customer you sign up to WebPower.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made on a monthly basis once you have over £25 commission on your account. This can also be requested from your affiliate dashboard. Payments will be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

How are the sales tracked?

Our system uses cookies to keep track of every one of your referrals for 90 days after they have followed your link. You can keep track of the link clicks, conversion rate and sales within your affiliate dashboard. 

How can I promote your business?

Usually it is easiest to promote affiliate products if you already have a warm list of prospects you can sell to, or have people around you who may be interested in these services. However you can promote through Social Media, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and so much more. Follow our YouTube videos to see how you can get started. 

Who is this program for?

Our affiliate program is for current customers who enjoy our services and wish to tell their friends, online marketers looking to make an additional source of revenue, individuals with large followings through Social Media or YouTube and anyone who wants to work with WebPower to earn more money. 

Need help?

Support is here to help our Affiliates succeed