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How Important is it for a Small Business to have a Website?

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Now the truth is, this really does depend on who you ask. I think it’s pretty obvious we are going to argue in favour of every single business having a website – but please, hear us out.

Back in ‘the day’, businesses would post adverts in newspapers or send out leaflets to their entire neighbourhoods or put up a flyer in their local post office. And while that may get some visibility by some of our older generation, sadly the truth is you will be missed by most. In fact, even our oldies are pretty up to date with the latest technology these days.

I don’t know about you, but every single time I hear about a new business or wish to visit them or even contact them, I head straight to Google and search their name. What do I do when I see no results? I look for the next best thing. We are so used to having the world at our finger tips, that if you are not putting your business online, you are seriously falling behind.

Gone are the days where you dig through your ‘messy drawer’ in your kitchen looking for the Indian Takeaway menu. You can just head straight to their website and press ‘Order Again’.

Remember at Christmas looking through the Argos catalogue to choose your Christmas presents (circling your favourites), or asking your kids to do so? Well now you just press ‘Add to wish list’.

The point is, whether you like it or not the World is moving in this direction and every single year there are millions of new businesses be launched online.

So how do you keep up with the times?

Look, if you have a small local business that has a great customer base and survives off referrals and word of mouth, maybe this is not such a major issue for you. But, if you are looking to launch a new business and wondering if you need a website – you do!

You no longer need to spend thousands of pounds on development agencies to get an identity on the web. You can if you want to of course, but if you are just starting out and have a smaller budget, or perhaps just don’t want to spend the money, you can do it yourself!

The good news? It’s so much easier than you think!

By utilising software’s like WordPress, page builders like Elementor and hosting providers like WebPower.uk you can build your very own website for under £10 per month. That’s a full website, on a custom domain name, with a great host and free email addresses for less than a tenner. So you are probably asking yourself ‘ok, but how on earth do I get started?’

More good news incoming…

We provide literal step-by-step tutorials to walk you through each and every step of the process, from ordering your first hosting package and domain name to design and development to launching your website for the world to see.

We hope this has helped you make up your mind on whether or not you need a business website. Yes we be may be slightly biased, but that doesn’t change the facts. All businesses need to be on the internet! It’s just the way it is.

What’s your thoughts? Let us know!





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